Truffes Folies Truffes Folies

Paris Truffle Mania

Our top three places in Paris to sample this seasonal culinary delicacy. 

La Maison de la Truffe

In 1978, when chef Guy Monier took over the Maison de la Truffe (founded in 1932) he created a tasting area, transforming the space into a luxury food emporium and restaurant, now a Kaspia Group outpost. The owners also invested in laboratories to perfect new products and methods of conservation, along with new recipes and a must-have coffee table book (2012) to celebrate the establishment’s 80th anniversary. For the signature burger with black truffle, head to the second restaurant on rue Marbeuf.

LUXOS Recommends: Scrambled eggs with black melanosporum truffles.

Maison de la Truffe Brouillade TNLa Maison de la Truffe

Maison Rostang

Arguably the most famous dish at two-Michelin-star Maison Rostang helmed by iconic Parisian chef Michel Rostang is the black truffle sandwich of two slices of farmhouse bread, a generous slathering of salted butter and a thick layer of black Perigord truffles. It costs 98 euros, making it one of the most expensive sandwiches in the world, but it’s worth every mouthful. 

LUXOS Recommends: Pike fish dumplings à la Jo Rostang.

Truffle Folies 2Truffes Folies

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Truffes Folies

After 12 years at Maison de la Truffe (above), Italian-born Cyril Bocciarelli launched Truffle Folies. His tiny Left Bank boutique/restaurant/bar is a fragrant homage to everything truffle related, with shelves packed with truffle butter, olive oils, pasta, sauces, cheese and even pop-corn, all laced with the black delicacy. Most dishes can be delivered.

LUXOS Recommends: Truffle cocktail.

Truffle FolliesTruffes Folies

1 Maison de la Truffe
2 Maison Rostang
3 Truffes Folies