Paris' newest purveyor of gastronomic greatness JP Baltel

Paris' newest purveyor of gastronomic greatness

Delphine Plisson talks about her new foodie venture as we visit Paris’ newest temple of all things French and gourmet

In a city where new restaurants open on the regular, and where food is the topic of conversation for most locals and visitors alike, the buzz created by the grand opening of the new gastro-concept store and eatery La Maison Plisson was met with enthusiasm and intrigue from Paris’ most in-the-know foodie crowd. From the décor and branding to the top-notch selection of products, after-work seminars on cheeses and fine cured meats, La Maison Plisson is a 360º gourmet godsend. Not only that, but it’s one of the very only places of its kind open seven days a week in Paris, offering speedy delivery, and other one-of-a-kind VIP services, all available via a mobile app, Facebook, and Instagram.

 La-Maison-Plisson-JP-BALTEL---LA-MAISON-PLISSON-72JP Baltel

LUXOS sat down with its founder, Delphine Plisson, to find out just what went into the creation of La Maison Plisson, her favourite products, and why it took so long for this kind of place to finally plant its roots in Paris.

Plisson, an ex-fashion executive turned gourmand, decided to put her business know-how and passion for fine foods to work after being inspired during her time living in New York. As a fan of Dean & Deluca and Eataly, Plisson asked herself, “Why don’t we have something like this in Paris?” and we couldn’t agree more. Two years on and La Maison Plisson was born.

La-Maison-Plisson--JP-BALTEL---LA-MAISON-PLISSON-57JP Baltel

LUXOS: You’ve created a concept store and restaurant unlike any other in Paris; there is of course La Grande Epicerie at Le Bon Marché, but this is different. Can you describe La Maison Plisson in one sentence?

Delphine Plisson: For me, La Maison Plisson is the destination in Paris for those searching for the best French food products – the place to shop, eat, or take home.

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How did you go about creating La Maison Plisson? What inspired you and why has no one thought of such a concept before?

I lived in New York when I was a student, and I always loved the experience of shopping for food or other fine products at Dean & Deluca and then later, at Eataly. I waited nearly 20 years hoping that someone would launch such a concept revolving around the internationally renowned French gastronomy, the amazing terroir products – and in the end I decided to do it myself!

La-Maison-Plisson--JP-BALTEL---LA-MAISON-PLISSON-110JP Baltel

What is the experience like, finding and working with the producers, artisans and fine food and beverage makers you now stock at La Maison Plisson?

That was by far the best professional experience ever. We travelled to every region of France over the course of one year to meet the finest producers in the country. We tasted each and every one of the 3,500 products we finally chose to be carried in the store, and each one is fantastic – it has to be.

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With such a huge range of products, what are the must-haves?

After tasting over 8,000 and selecting 3,500 I can tell you that all 3,500 are my favourites! But the must-haves are the ‘Bien Nommée’ cookies made in Belle Ile, my favourite island in Brittany. They are outstanding. I also love the mustards by Fallot, which are made in the Burgundy region of France, and our wide selection of olive oils – so French!

La-Maison-Plisson-JP-BALTEL---LA-MAISON-PLISSON-125JP Baltel

How has the food scene in Paris changed in the last decade? Does La Maison Plisson represent a new generation of gourmets?

I do believe that we are more and more concerned with our health today, and we are going back to all-natural organic-conscious food made locally more than ever, which of course ties in perfectly with La Maison Plisson. In my opinion, all food products should be considered a luxury, especially when you take into account the know-how, time and experience needed to produce them in our beautiful country.

La Maison Plisson

93 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris, France

+33 1 71 18 19 09