Best burgers in Paris

LUXOS chases down where to eat the next best burger in Paris

The French may be known for their lite and traditional cuisine, but a growing burger culture triumphs beyond the elegant Parisian facades of this famous city. From designer restaurants to gourmet food trucks, these burger creations are truly incroyable. Using only the freshest and healthiest ingredients, these burgers are crafted with care from French and American experts striving for the next innovative recipe.

1. Ralph's
Perhaps the most gourmet of burgers in Paris, Ralph's never disappoints. Surrounded by the world of Ralph Lauren, guests are invited to enjoy dining on the beautiful courtyard patio or inside, in the fireplace lined restaurant. Ralph's is a left-bank favourite, found inside the Ralph Lauren flagship store in Saint Germain. The restaurant offers a range of burger options – classic, turkey, veggie, and more – all with high quality ingredients and the most delicious fries.

LUXOS Recommends: Ralph's burger outside on the terrace

 Burger Ralphs

2. Paris New York
Recently voted the best burger in Paris, what you'll find at Paris New York (PNY) is a laid-back, modern vibe with a serious menu of burgers. The outside, with its old cinema sign and bulb lights, and vintage-inspired inside, is often packed with locals from the 10th arrondissement. Order the 'Classica America' burger, with Flame-broiled beef from Le Ponclet, the Brittany butcher, and aged cheddar accompanied by hand-cut fries and a milkshake. One meal at PNY and you'll be questioning if you're in Paris or New York.

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3. The Beef Club
A true steakhouse in the heart of Paris, The Beef Club offers fresh cuts every night in a dimly lit restaurant with a designer touch. Its signature item, the Beef Burger, is a true work of art. With the freshest meat from luxury butcher Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec, and a full range of steak-house classic accents, this burger pairs well with a classic cocktail from The Beef Club's star bartenders. After dinner, head downstairs for a drink and some music at an under-ground speakeasy, The Ballroom.

LUXOS Recommends: The Beef Burger with a Manhattan

The Beef Club 2 by Kristen Pelou

4. Blend
Blend is known for its gourmet hamburgers crafted carefully by Yves-Marie le Bourdonnec, Paris' best butcher and creator of the New York Times' best burger in the world. Buns and pasteries are baked fresh daily and sauces are made in house with fresh and delicious ingreidients. Much like its name, Blend offers a combination of French and American flavors both savory and sweet creating a curious experience for tastebuds. 

LUXOS Recommends: Signature burger with a side of sweet potatoe fries and garlic mayo


5. Camion Qui Fume
Founded by an expat chef with a passion for French and American cuisine, the Camion Qui Fume is a traveling food truck that can be found in various locations of Paris, depending on the day and time. The truck offers rich and innovative burger recipies to please a blended and international palete. Chef Kristin, California raised and trained at the French Cuisine Ferrandi in Paris, addresses the low number of food trucks available throughout Paris to pursue his passion.

LUXOS Recommends: The Campaign with coleslaw and fries 


1 Blend
2 The Beef Club
3 Paris New York
4 Ralph's