The most expensive clocks in the world


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07 September 2010

Whitehurst Luxury Timepieces is a UK-based company that has been creating the most expensive clocks in the world since 1734. The clocks are created on a commission-only basis from £150,000. Designed, made, gilded engraved entirely by hand, with all operations performed in the UK, they represent an unusual and high-luxury product, the heirlooms of the future. These original clocks can be found in palaces, museums and stately homes in various parts of the country.
The clocks are made using age-old technology, brought to extreme levels of perfection and combined with new techniques, and as a result, they are capable of keeping time with superlative accuracy.
This particular design has completely exposed workings, which adds to its fascination. You could stand and watch it rotate for hours. It also has a unique polar projection, so you can see the time anywhere on the globe. Overall it is an exquisite piece of engineering - perfect for anyone who is passionate about timepieces.

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