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The Perfect Gift for Valentine's Featured

Looking for a special gift this Valentine's Day? It's not too late.

by Angelina Hazzouri 09 February 2019 2811 times

Valentine's Day can be stressful. You're expecting something from them, and they're expecting something from you. It's easy to go with a classic box of chocolates and a nice piece of jewellery, but this year, we want you to be more creative. If you don't know where to look, this guide is a good start. Gifts for both allow you to enjoy experiences together... What's better than that?

For Her

Bulgari Leather Handbag

287199 001 ext22 1©BVLGARI

You may think she doesn't need another handbag, but trust us, she needs this one. Bulgari recently released its spring-summer 2019 leather goods and accessories collection, and many of the elegant leather items make for the perfect gift for her. With its "Serpenti" collection, Bulgari uses the bold symbol of a snake on its leather goods, giving new life to this symbol through new interpretations in the sleek designs and materials.

Bernasconi Champagne Bucket

From its Ginerva Collection, Bernasconi brings extra class to one of the classiest drinks around with its sterling silver champagne bucket with elegant 24K gold-plated bamboo root handles. If you're feeling extra generous, the two matching champagne flutes will do just fine. She might even give you an extra kiss.

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For Him

Contemporary Art

Giving the gift of art is something we forget about. When we think of things to buy for the house, our minds usually go to items for the kitchen or perhaps the bedroom, but a piece of contemporary art is a unique gift that goes a long way. Whether its a photograph, a painting or mixed media, a piece of art lasts a long time and can often be appreciated more and more as life goes on. Visit some of the finest galleries in Milan or in your city for the perfect gift that he isn't expecting.

The Merchant of Venice Cologne

nobilhomo ambientata 2©THE MERCHANT OF VENICE

A nice bottle of cologne is always a great gift, but make it Italian. The Merchant of Venice offers multiple scents for him, from light, airy scents to intense, sexier scents. With its beautifully-decorated boutique store in Venice that is inside a former pharmacy, the Merchant of Venice is a timeless brand of perfumes and colognes on its own. No matter which scent you choose, he'll love it. (And make sure to get something for yourself too.)

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For Both 

A Personalised Trip from Viagea

Giappone 1©VIAGEA

Pick a place, any place. Seriously. If you haven't heard of Viagea, you're missing out. Viagea is a service that plans personalised exclusive trips around the world. You contact them, tell them when you'd like to travel, tell them where you'd like to go and they take care of the rest. Take a long Easter holiday or plan for the summer in advance with a romantic getaway for two. Perhaps somewhere new? Maldives, Napa Valley, Jordan, Japan... the possibilities are endless.

Exclusive Treatment at the Armani SPA

Give the gift of a romantic weekend at the Armani Hotel Milan SPA, you won't regret it. With an enchanting relaxation area and a panoramic view of Milan, the SPA is an oasis of peace and tranquillity where the two of you can enjoy each other away from the chaos of the busy city. Spend an intimate day or weekend rejuvinating the body and mind, and this will be your best Valentine's Day yet.

Gourmet Dinner with Grana Padano

With a long history in Italy, Grana Padano cheese is the best taste for special occasions. If you're feeling adventurous, cook a traditional dish with this cheese and impress your significant other. You can buy it at EATALY, with its multiple locations spread around the world, or you can even dine at one of EATALY's restaurants to taste the flavourful ingredients that they offer right in the market. 

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