Happy Sport XL - tangy colours

by 24 June 2010

For the past 20 years, the Happy Sport line has appealed to those with a taste for daring, contemporary timepieces. The latest newcomer to the collection, the Happy Sport XL, takes a further step towards modernity and originality, while remaining faithful to the very essence of Happy Sport models: a resolutely casual chic appearance lit up by the presence of the famous moving diamonds.

With its imposing 42 mm diameter, this trendy new monochrome watch radiates an aura of elegance and purity and comes in brightly coloured versions: coral red, pool blue, or almond green.

The cruise trend
A summer breeze is blowing across the colourful Happy Sport XL models clothed in shades reflecting a carefree vacation mood: coral red, pool blue, almond green. And a closer look at the dial immerses one directly into the sea, thanks to an extremely realistic motif evoking an incredible underwater vision, as if a spectator deep beneath the waves were observing the sunlight glistening on the water above. To enhance the sharply refreshing effect, the watch is resolutely clothed in a single colour right down to its smallest details: steel bezel, pearly lacquered dial, rhodium hands and rubber strap are all in the same hue. Like dazzling rays of sun, the moving diamonds accentuate the laid-back feeling exuded by these upbeat Happy Sport models with a tangy charm that is perfect for brightening up a classic outfit and adding a light, spicy touch to daily life.

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