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Omega: Starring George Clooney and Buzz Aldrin Featured

Every boy has a hero. Only a few get to meet them. George Clooney met Buzz Aldrin in a London cinema to watch some footage about the first missions to the moon.


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21 July 2017

George Clooney and Buzz Aldrin London 1


It’s a beautiful film, and perfect for everyone who remembers watching Neil and Buzz walking on the moon in July 1969, though those black and white images weren’t all that good. The six-minute film was produced by Omega, whose Speedmaster became the official NASA watch and was one of the few watches to go into space. It was filmed at the Electric Cinema Shoreditch, a luxury cinema concept where 50 viewers can enjoy a film from plush armchairs with cosy cashmere blankets. Far greater comfort than Buzz had on board the Apollo. If you watch the film, you’ll discover that, though only the second man to walk on the moon, he was the first man to...



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