Twelve Faces of Time


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10 May 2010

The passage of time is one thing that we all have in common. This thought-provoking book, providing portraits of 12 key figures in contemporary horology, profiles twelve very different approaches to high-end watchmaking. It describes the unique processes, infinite precision and personal vision that each of these artists brings to his craft. Through text and photographs, we gain a profound understanding of the fine detail and delicate artistry that is the hallmark of mechanical watchmaking at its highest level. It is of interest to watch collectors, and all those who appreciate this form of mechanical art.
Author Elizabeth Doerr is senior editor of Wristwatch Annual and has written for prominent magazines worldwide. Photographer Ralf Baumgarten’s varied projects include his first book on watchmaking, UhrMenschen. His works have been featured in publications and exhibitions internationally.

Technical details:
Twelve Faces of Time
Horological Virtuosos

by Elizabeth Doerr / Ralf Baumgarten
published by teNeues
Size: 25.8 x 34 cm / 10 1/8 x 13 3/8 in.
208 pp, hardcover with jacket
196 b/w photographs
Text in English
€79.90 $95 £70
ISBN 978-3-8327-9373-9

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