Octopussy celebrates 50 years with these unique products

On 23rd June 1966, the 14th and final James Bond novel was published. To mark the anniversary, we’ve rounded up a selection of luxury products to live like 007.

by 20 June 2016

Whether it's speeding through Europe in an Aston Martin, drinking the finest scotch known to man or mingling with exotic women, the lifestyle of Bond floats in an “All Time High”. But danger lurks, and the corrupt must be conquered; being Bond comes with a burden. This is why men aspire to stride as Bond strides, to be worldly, powerful individuals. This June marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Octopussy, the 14th and final Bond novel written by Ian Fleming. In an honour of the anniversary, we’ve rounded up a selection of Bond-inspired luxury products for purchase and for charter.

Omega Spectre 300


Make it to your mission on time with the OMEGA Spectre 300 around your wrist. Worn by Daniel Craig’s Bond in Spectre, the watch makes for the ultimate accessory in a distinctive wardrobe. The double from the film features a striped, soft-felt strap – with steel and leather strap alternatives – which is accompliced by a crystal glass styled case and a unique dial set. www.omegawatches.com

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Octopussy: Superyacht


Fresh from an extensive refit, the super yacht available from Y.CO was the fastest luxury vessel in the world at launch - breaking the 50 knots barrier. Octopussy also comes complete with a spacious sundeck, Jacuzzi and a range of sea toys and gadgets perfect for the adrenaline junkie looking to live life like 007. Octopussy is available for charter through Y.CO throughout the summer from 120,000 USD per week. Y.CO

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Scotch Whisky

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Go shaken-not-stirred with The Last Drop Distillers 50 year old, “Double Matured” Blended Scotch Whisky. Originally blended in 1995, the exclusive bottle of scotch (with only 898 bottles existing) was refilled and put into bourbon wood for marrying. These lay in the quiet secrecy of the Scotland Lowlands for over two decades before The Last Drop Distiller’s deemed the liquid exceptional for tasting. www.lastdropdistillers.com

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