Dior VIII Grand Bal Fil de Soie Dior VIII Grand Bal Fil de Soie

Unusual materials: Dior VIII Grand Bal Fil de Soie, silk Featured

The Grand Bal Fil de Soie by Dior has an oscillating weight that seems to be stitched together by a web of silk threads.


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06 May 2016

These watches introduced in 2014 are part of the Dior VIII collection, with the Dior Inversé movement in which the oscillating weight is placed on the front of the watch, instead of its usual position under the movement. It brings the watch to life, swinging back and forth with every movement of the wrist, and in this version it is in gold decorated with green silk thread that seems to magically connect the peripheral part of the rotor to the centre. More than most fashion-brand watches, the Dior VIII Grand Bal Fil de Soie is the perfect expression of the couturier’s art. Christian Dior said that silk was “the queen of all materials, the loveliest, the most feminine, the most enchanting...” and in this piece, the rotor is decorated with as much as one-and-a-half metres of silk, expertly threaded into a delicate but strong gossamer composition.

Dior-VIII-Grand-Bal-Fil-de-Soie-casebackDior VIII Grand Bal Fil de Soie caseback

The case is in high-tech black ceramic and pink gold, and 38 mm diameter makes it quite large as a woman’s watch. The dial is in black mother-of-pearl with diamonds, The bezel is set with diamonds, while the caseback is in semi-translucent sapphire to give you a glimpse of the movement. The oscillating weight winds it automatically, and it has a power reserve of 42 hours. The watch is available exclusively in Dior boutiques, a limited edition of 88 pieces. www.dior.com