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Frederique Constant Frederique Constant

Unusual materials: Frederique Constant, porcelain Featured

A watch in which the usual enamel dial is replaced by a material of everlasting whiteness: porcelain


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04 May 2016

This watch by Swiss watch manufacturer Frederique Constant has a very classical appearance, with Roman numerals printed onto a dial that is not made of the usual enamel, but of porcelain.

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Frederique Constant 2016 Classics Art of Porcelain Press release 2Frederique Constant

This material is hard to work, and has to be fired at temperatures reaching 1,400°C, but when finished, it guarantees an exceptional durability. The dial is made by the Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacture in Pécs, Hungary, and it is carefully shaped to create the slightly domed surface that is characteristic of a dress watch such as this. It is framed by a stainless steel case, very wearable at 40 mm diameter, with a touch of classical style added by the fluting around the case middle.

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FC-302P4S6Frederique Constant 

The watch is powered by the self-winding FC-302 movement, providing 42 hours power reserve: it can be viewed through the sapphire caseback. The timepiece is a limited edition of 188 pieces, price €1,895. www.frederiqueconstant.com