HYT H4 Metropolis by night HYT H4 Metropolis by night

Electromagnetic Innovation: HYT H4 Metropolis Featured

The world's first watch dynamo, converting mechanical power into light to read the time even in the dark


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29 April 2016

Watches are an interesting area of design, and not just because everything takes place in just a few square centimetres. Traditional techniques still dominate the area of high watchmaking to a degree that is not found in architecture or automotive design, and many watches made today look very similar to their 19th century ancestors. At the same time, there is a lot of research going on, and a few brands are making watches that look like something out of this world.

LUXOS-HYT-H4Metropolis-Splitted-300dpiMovement of the H4, which illuminates the display by means of a tiny hand-wound generator

HYT’s H4 Metropolis is remarkable not only for its way of displaying the time, with hours indicated by a green fluid in a capillary tube, but also for the method that the company has invented to give it night-time visibility, two LEDs under the flange at 6 o’clock. LEDs? Batteries? No! The watch has a miniature generator that you operate by rotating the crown on the caseband. Then you push it, and the two LEDs bathe the dial in soft blue light. 

LUXOS-HYT-H4HYT in black