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Electromagnetic Innovation: Urwerk EMC Time Hunter Featured

First high-end mechanical watch with electronic indications


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27 April 2016

Watches are an interesting area of design, and not just because everything takes place in just a few square centimetres. Traditional techniques still dominate the area of high watchmaking to a degree that is not found in architecture or automotive design, and many watches made today look very similar to their 19th century ancestors. At the same time, there is a lot of research going on, and a few brands are making watches that look like something out of this world.

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Urwerk's EMC Time Hunter has a totally mechanical movement, with a tiny electronic computer that calculates the frequency of the balance wheel and tells you whether the watch is running fast or slow. How do you fire up the computer? Simple: just pull out the handle that lies along the side of the watch, wind it a bit to generate some electricity, and the precision is displayed on the meters to the left of the time indications. www.urwerk.com