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High-tech gadgets 2016: Sherman smartwatch by MB&F Featured

Part robot, part watch, Sherman's robotic and horological accomplishments are incomparable 


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31 March 2016

 Some of the latest gadgets are ideas for completely new objects, performing new functions, and it is likely that we will see many in Milan during Design Week. Some of the latest concepts on the market seem outlandish and improbable, and some seem almost sadistic, such as the iQ alarm clock that, once it starts ringing, can only be stopped by solving a problem of logic. But there are some gadgets out there that don’t really do anything new: they just take an old function and do it differently, better, with more style.

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Sherman Gold Front CMYK HresSherman Gold Front

Sherman by MB&F looks like a robot, but in actual fact he doesn’t do very much at all. He looks like a Mars Rover but can’t go anywhere unless you push him. Neither does he try to kill Sarah Connor or help Luke Skywalker. He is priced at 13,800 Swiss francs, and he does two things: he displays the time, with a mechanical movement, and he makes you smile. And that, in today’s day and age, is probably the most useful function of them all.

Sherman by MB&F is sold by: GMT Great Master of Time

Corso Magenta 11 20123 Milan

+39 02 7208 0537