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Baselworld 2016: Rebellion Prometheus Featured

A watch with a record-breaking 1,000-hour power reserve and sleek, multi-faceted titanium case, Prometheus is a watch by a brand for which the exceptional is normal.


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19 March 2016

1,000 hours power reserve? How long is that? 41 days. So you wind up the watch and you can put it on and it will keep going for a month. Most mechanical watches run for about 42 hours from when they are fully wound so this piece has about 24 times the power reserve of a normal watch. How did the people at Rebellion achieve it? Six mainspring barrels, connected and wound by means of a miniaturised chain that interconnects them all. The winding system is not a crown, but a square handle – you can see it raised in the photo – that you operate backwards and forwards. The time is shown by two rollers turning in opposite directions. The rollers are in orange, blue or green, but if you have a favourite colour, no problem, Rebellion can produce the watch in whatever hue you like.

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Rebellion are obsessed with racing cars as well as with watches, and the movement of this machine suggests a powerful engine. It is made of aerospace alloy avional to reduce weight, and everything is visible through the massive sapphire crystal. The two microchains that transmit power from the barrels to the movement are the smallest mechanical chains in the world, each 46 mm in length, with 182 pieces. Even the crown is different to most timepieces: instead of pulling it out to set the time, you just press and turn.

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At 52 mm length and almost 48 mm width, it’s not a watch that goes unnoticed. Just the case has 75 components and the movement another 698. The price is as exceptional as the watch: one million two hundred and fifty thousand Swiss francs.