H Moser takes on the Apple Watch with a single app Swiss Alp Watch, photo courtesy of H. Moser

H Moser takes on the Apple Watch with a single app

"Get a life, upgrade to a mechanical watch" says the luxury Swiss watchmaker.


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08 January 2016

Last year's launch of the Apple Watch sent shockwaves through the Swiss horological industry. But now, after the dust has settled, it appears that many Swiss watchmakers are no longer feeling so threatened.

In a move of marketing brilliance H. Moser’s campaign for their new timepiece sums up this sentiment perfectly. 

"The Swiss Alp watch not only helps you reconnect with people, it might change the world." H. Moser’s latest mechanical watch looks a bit like the Apple Watch, with its rectangular case with rounded corners, and its beautiful graded grey fumé dial, to be honest far more attractive than any and all of the various display formats available for the Apple Watch. The lugs are also very similar to the Apple device.

There's no doubt that H. Moser designed their new timepiece specifically with reference to the Apple Watch, as can be gauged from the witty promotional video. Even the name, the Alp, reinforces the resemblance.

It is not "connected" in the smartwatch sense, but it offers many benefits when compared to the Apple Watch. No charging cable needed: the mechanical movement has a power reserve of 100 hours so it will last right through the weekend in your drawer and will still be running when you put it back on. Its single "application" has a simple interface and helps you manage your most important commodity: time. "No phone, no messaging, no heartbeats to send: the Swiss Alp watch will change your world by enabling you to get out there and meeting up with people. Get a life!"

At a price of $24,900, the H. Moser Swiss Alp Watch costs more than the Apple Watch. But you just have to turn it over, and you see why: the beautifully-finished movement is displayed by the transparent sapphire caseback. With a limited edition of just 50 pieces, it’s bound to become a collector's item. And there's no doubt that this will be a watch that will last a lifetime, no upgrade required.