TAG Heuer and their well-connected watch

Launched on Monday, TAG Heuer's Connected device actually looks like a watch...


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10 November 2015

Perhaps one of the things that many people don’t like about the Apple Watch is that it doesn’t look like a watch, but more like a miniature computer strapped to your wrist. This is what TAG Heuer have been careful to avoid with their recently launched Connected, a device that is very watchy, with a 46 mm diameter circular case in titanium, and a black rubber strap that can be replaced with straps in other colours, red, blue, white, orange, green and yellow.

 TH Connected-VISUEL GOOGLE FIT seduction black background

What you see on the screen looks pretty much like a watch dial, and more specifically the TAG Heuer Carrera with its classic chronograph subdials. There are two other dial formats, 3-hand and GMT, all of which include the date, and even have the sort of shading produced by a sunray-finish metal watch dial, and shadows under the hands. And whichever format you choose, it stays visible at all times, even when the watch is in energy-saving mode. The watch has timer, alarm and stopwatch functions as standard.


So, it looks like a watch, but it is definitely connected. Information from apps is shown in the three subdials, and if you need to find out more about a notification that appears on one of the subdials, you just have to touch it and it goes full-screen.

The really cool thing about this watch is that it is powered by Android Wear, and so there are all sorts of apps that can be installed, including some that have been specially customized such as a lifestyle application, and others linked to golf and motor racing. It has basic resident applications for music and step counter, and can be used with all the features of the Android Wear operating system that makes it compatible for thousands of Android apps such as Google Fit, Google Translate, Google Maps and Google Search.

It has 4 GB of memory, and it can be synced with an Android or iOS phone. It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as a microphone so that you can provide it with instructions and dictate responses to incoming email messages using Google voice control.


The phone has to be recharged every day, but this is simple: you just have to put the watch on top of the contact charger. IP67 water resistance is good news, meaning that even immersion in water to a depth of up to 1 metre will not harm the watch.

The TAG Heuer Connected costs $1,500, €1,350 or £1,100, and it has a 2-year guarantee. And after the guarantee period, if you decide that you’d like a real Swiss mechanical watch, you can go to one of the brand’s boutiques and exchange the Connected for a TAG Heuer Carrera, made exclusively for the owners of the Connected watch.

This is a smart piece of marketing, and makes the Connected very attractive in comparison to other Android Wear watches, which cost much less but don’t have this ready-made link to the world of luxury watches.

Watch the video to find out more...