Nicole Kidman talks about time, respect and manners

Omega brand ambassador Nicole Kidman talks about her relationship with time and watches.


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17 September 2015

Nicole Kidman was in Milan today to celebrate her tenth anniversary as brand ambassador for Omega watches and to open an exhibition of the brand’s women’s watches at the Triennale, titled Her Time. We met her for an interview, the questions were mainly about her relationship with time and watches.

LUXOS: What does time mean for you?

Nicole Kidman: It’s precious. I think that as you get older, you realize just how fleeting this whole life is, and it’s about trying to slow down and trying to enjoy life, yet cram everything in. I’m curious about so many things, there are so many books I want to read, languages I want to learn, but at the same time, I love daydreaming, I love just milling around, and get that balance of life, having time to take care of my children. I’m lucky that I have such as strong family unit, I have an incredible husband who is willing to get on planes even just for a night. Three days ago he flew ten hours to come and be with me, then he flew ten hours back and did a gig. That for me is love in action, that’s extraordinary.

You have had a long relationship with Omega. How do you choose the brands for which you are ambassador?

Omega are like family to me. The company has an enormous amount of integrity, in particular as regards their approach to watches for women. Very often, watches are for men, and Omega are very engaged in their female watch styles, they want women to wear watches, not just because they’re glamorous, but because they are a part of lifestyle, being able to manage your time. At Omega they know that women have a desire for mechanics and technology just as much as men. I’m absolutely astounded at the technology, especially those really tiny tiny watches…

 Her Time exhibition

Could you tell us about your own personal preferences in watches?

I love a sports watch, I like a watch that can give me a lot of data, with a second hand that tells me how much time I’ve spent doing something. I don’t’ think I have a favourite, I do like occasionally wearing a very glamorous watch, but I also love wearing a man’s watch, I love a leather band and a big case, I always think that’s very cool especially with a T-shirt! I have a wide taste.

How do you value time and its measurement?

I use a watch all the time, so I can be on time. Time and being on time is a form of respect and good manners, and that’s something that we have to teach as parents. As I grew up, I was the kid that had fair skin and so didn’t go to the beach, so I sat at home reading books. At home with my mother and father, we didn’t have a lot of money, they wanted to give me a strong sense of belief in my own work and my own intellect, and so they built on that, they encouraged me to read Dostoevsky. I was so glad they did that, it gave me the desire to be an actress. I began working at 14, and having that work ethic at that young age, having a job, all that led me to value the accuracy of time. On Saturdays I’d go to catch the bus, at 6 am, I had to catch two buses to go into the city so I could go to drama classes which started at 9 am.

If you had a spare minute, hour or day for yourself, what would you do?

One minute, I’ll daydream or meditate, I love meditating. An hour free, it depends, probably play, I love getting down onto the floor and playing with my kids, it’s very important to get down there with them for an hour a day, so I do that, and I love that. A day, I love breakfast, it’s my favourite meal! A long, leisurely breakfast, with the papers, then I’d go for a swim, I love the beach, I’m incredibly pale and I wear these incredibly unattractive long rashies*, and people and my kids laugh at me. I love swimming, I love just being with the kids in the garden.

What is your relationship with the digital world?

I’m engaged to it, but I don’t let it rule my life, I have my own rules in terms of never going online before I go to sleep. But I read papers online, I educate myself, and I communicate very quickly that way, I get a lot more done so I have more down time. But there are strict boundaries. My husband and I never text each other, once in a blue moon we text. We value hearing each other’s voice. We’ve been doing it like that for ten years and we don’t want to change it. We don’t email each other either. We keep it as personal as possible.

The “Her Time” exhibition of women’s watches by Omega at the Triennale in Milan runs until 25 September.

* A rashie is Australian sland for a sort of shirt often used by surfers as protection from the sun

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