Tiffany's triumphant return The first floor Watch Room in the new Geneva Tiffany & Co. boutique

Tiffany's triumphant return

A new store in Geneva for the iconic brand.


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15 April 2015

Tiffany & Co. has made an important mark on global culture – just think of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the Tiffany setting, and the famous blue boxes – and today its worldwide presence is reinforced by their return to Geneva with a new store on Rue du Rhône.

The New York company’s relationship with Switzerland goes back a long way. In 1847, just ten years after opening their first store, they began selling watches in addition to jewellery, and developed a partnership with Patek Philippe, sharing a workshop in Geneva and later opening a store at 10 Grand Quai. In 1874 they built their own watch manufactory on Place Cornavin, selling it to Patek Philippe six years later.

Tiffany DiamondThe famous Tiffany Diamond

The new store will provide a magnificent setting for the brand’s superb diamond jewellery. One of the most famous stones in the world, the Tiffany Diamond, will be on show at the boutique from 18 June to 11 July 2015. Currently set in a spectacular diamond and platinum necklace, the 128.54-carat stone is one of the world’s largest fancy yellow diamonds. It was discovered in South Africa in 1877, and the following year it was purchased by Tiffany’s founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, contributing to his reputation as ‘King of Diamonds.’

Tiffany-CT60- 3052The Tiffany & Co. CT60 Chronograph, part of the new collection

A new watch collection

The opening of the Tiffany boutique in Geneva coincides with a new collection of watches. “The Tiffany CT60 pays tribute to Charles Lewis Tiffany, who invented the New York Minute and built a legacy as a jeweller and watchmaker of international renown,” said Nicola Andreatta, vice president and general manager of the Tiffany & Co. Watch Center in Switzerland. “This exquisitely detailed timepiece marks the next milestone in this storied heritage of craftsmanship forged by Mr. Tiffany, amid the boundless energy and creativity of New York City.”

The timepieces are made in the new Tiffany & Co. Watch Center in Geneva, and have all the characteristics of fine Swiss watchmaking, with sapphire display casebacks, decorative movement finishing, and luxurious straps and bracelets.

Tiffany-CT60- 3059The Tiffany & Co. CT60 Chronograph, part of the new collection

The collection includes some complication timepieces, such as the Tiffany CT60 Calendar, a tribute to a Tiffany watch worn by Franklin Delano Roosevelt: its 18-karat rose gold case is a meticulous replica of the piece that the President wore at the Yalta Conference in 1945. The CT60 Chronograph is a very modern design with a blue soleil dial, and the Tiffany CT60 dress watch is the entry price-point model. There is a range of options to suit all tastes, with cases in steel or gold.

Tiffany New YorkPeriod photo of Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue flagship store with the Atlas clock that gave origin to the famous ‘New York Minute’

The CT60 marks a triumphant return to watchmaking by a brand that has become synonymous with timekeeping in New York from as far back as 1853, when the famous Atlas clock was installed above the entrance to Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue flagship store and became the time- setting reference for the people living in the city. The new watches and the new Geneva store are a fitting tribute to a brand that has marked special occasions for people the world over for almost 180 years.


The new boutique opened in May 2015. Tiffany also has boutiques in Zurich (Bahnhofstrasse 14) and Zurich Airport

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