Sunstone watch collection by Jaquet Droz © Jaquet Droz

Sunstone watch collection by Jaquet Droz

An unusual material that provides the ideal accompaniment to a prestige mechanical movement and a gold case.


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05 March 2015

One of the major trends seen recently amongst prestige watch brands is the quest to find ever-new materials for the dial. One of the substances that has been used is aventurine, a quartz mineral with inclusions that produces a glitter effect.


The Seconde SunstoneThe Grande Sunstone

Sunstone looks rather similar to aventurine, but it is actually made by artisans. It was invented accidentally in Venice in the 1600s, when a glassmaker dropped some metal powder into a crucible of molten glass. He saw that the resulting material was unusual for the golden flecks that enhanced the colour, and so it soon became one of the techniques used by Venetian glassmakers.




This year, Jaquet Droz have presented three watches in which orange sunstone is used, the Grande Seconde Cerclée, the Petite Heure Minute 35 mm, and the Lady 8. In the Grande Seconde Cerclée, the sparkle of the sunstone is mirrored by the fire in the 232 diamonds set around the 35-mm case containing an automatic movement providing hour and minute functions.


The Lady 8 Sunstone


The Grande Seconde Sunstone provides an interesting contrast between the sunstone and the mother-of-pearl of the two subdials, with hours and minutes above, and seconds below. This 39-mm watch has an automatic movement. The Lady 8 sunstone is a variant of Jaquet Droz's new concept, transforming a watch into a sort of game with a rotating ball above the dial that has a hypnotic, calming effect. The watch's calibre is automatic; all three have a power reserve of 68 hours.