Hamilton, an interstellar watch

Interstellar is just the last in Hamilton's over 400 appearances on screen with its watches, which include the unforgettable Men in Black series featuring the triangular Ventura. 


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10 November 2014

Interstellar, starring Matthew McConaughey, opened in cinemas last week, and it includes appearances by the Hamilton Pilot Khaki Pilot Day Date worn by Cooper, played by McConaughey.

INTL WATER PLANET high cmyk 10602

Cooper’s daughter Murph, played by Jessica Chastain (Mackenzie Foy plays her as a child), also wears a watch that Hamilton developed specially for the part. This piece is a one-off watch combining various Hamilton hallmarks.

Drawings Hamilton Khaki Special Edition Interstellar 10603

This film follows Hamilton’s participation, with the Khaki Field Titanium Automatic, in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, another 2014 movie.

Hamilton has a remarkable history of getting its watches on screen, with a total of over 400 film appearances, starting over 60 years ago with The Frogmen (1951) starring Richard Widmark.

Hamilton’s close relationship with Hollywood often results in requests for unique watches developed specially for a certain personality or film. Stanley Kubrick asked Hamilton to develop a new model of the iconic triangular Ventura watch specially for 2001: A Space Odyssey.

In Men in Black, the Ventura, described as ‘the official timepiece of the galaxy’ in Hamilton’s communications, was given a luminous dial. It is worn by both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in all the MIB movies. Other movies including Hamilton watches include Die Hard, Ocean’s Elevn, Independence Day and A Beautiful Mind.


Below, the Hamilton H64615135 worn by McConaughey:

H64615135 PR high cmyk 8351

Below, the Hamilton Khaki Special Edition Interstellar worn by Murph:

Hamilton Khaki Special Edition Interstellar Worn by Murph