Apple upstages New York Fashion Week with rumoured iWatch launch

Today the heads of the fashion world are leaving New York and heading to San Francisco for Apple's rumoured iWatch launch.


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09 September 2014

Traditionally at this time of year, New York Fashion Week takes its final bow and the well-heeled pack their suitcases and look across the pond to Europe. But this year is different. The heads of the fashion world are instead heading in the opposite direction this afternoon. San Francisco to be precise, where Apple are holding one of their enigmatic 'launches' this afternoon.

The launch is believed to be for the 'iWatch,' Apple's much discussed latest design venture. Rumours regarding the iWatch have been around since 2011, when Apple employed a number of 'wearable' computer experts and designers. Last year Yves Saint Laurent's CEO Paul Denver was welcomed on board, and last month's newest addition was Mark Newson, the Australian watch designer who's contribution to Switzerland's horological industry has been unparalleled in recent years.

The call for a number of notable fashion faces in San Francisco is confirmation of Apple's interest in designing for the aesthetes as well as those interested in the functionality of such a timepiece. British Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman tweeted this morning that she was attending, rather than going to the final two days of New York Fashion Week. High-profile blog Fashionista will also be in attendance, again adding gravity to the fashion-focus of the launch. It is believed that the iWatch will be available in two designs for men and women, as well as a gold version for the luxury market.

Apple is famous for its product launches that are known for revolutionising industries. Today the traditional watch makers of Switzerland will be following the launch with interest, and perhaps some nerves. According to the New York Times, a 'creator' at Apple overheard chief designer Jony Ives say that 'Switzerland is in trouble', due to the high-quality craftsmanship and dedication to the aesthetic of the iWatch. Whilst it might seem outrageous to some that Apple could have such a hand in horology, the popularity of their products in recent years is a warning that with their design teams, anything is possible.

The launch will be live streamed at 18:00GMT+1 and is available from the Apple website.