De Drisogono "Allegra" collection captures beauty, whimsy

Swiss luxury jeweller de Grisogono presented "Allegra" at Baselworld 2014, a whimsical watch collection that will turn heads.

by 25 June 2014

The colorful watches are in the classic de Grisogono style, with a square watch case and high-quality gems. White diamonds, amethyst, sapphires in yellow, orange and pink, tsavorites, emeralds and spinels make the watch face stand out in a way only de Grisogono jewellry can.

However, the real standout of this collection in particular are the wristbands. The bands are made of 20 intertwining leather strands, creating a cuff style. The strands can be multiple colors or just one, depending on the piece in the collection. Every watch's crown is set with a black diamond, emphasizing their uniqueness.

There is also one fully paved model, set with 309 diamonds on the case and 10 white gold cords set with 250 sparklers in contrast with the black strands.