Swarovski dazzles at Baselworld

Swarokski adds sparkle to Baselworld

by 01 April 2014

Swarovski celebrated its fifth Baselworld anniversary with an alluring circular exhibition space, while also offering an exclusive look at the new Swarovski Watchme sculpture.

Swarovski's amazing circular booth, which covered over 2,000 square metres, was a celebration of Swarovski's unique sparkle, the absolute expression of Swarovski’s brand DNA.

The circular unit recounts stories from Swarovski’s top brands, including the premium Atelier collections and the contemporary, fashion-led Lola and Grace range. In addition, the sparkling façade concealed the Swarovski universe: visitors could take a unique journey through the world of Swarovski, discovering unique and beautiful pieces from each timepiece and watch collection as well as previews of the Watchme sculpture.

The sculpture features wood panels covered in an intricate patchwork of Swarovski watches, Crystal Mesh, chains, and studs set solidly together to express the idea that time has stopped and is fragmented.  Created from around 2,000 Swarovski watches from former collections, this stunning sculpture, in the shape of a huge watch, stands almost two metres in height.

A wholly captivating and unique art piece.

This year, Swarovski was also awarded the 2014 Red Dot Design Award for Best Stand. Swarovski had been awarded the Red Dot Design twice before for its women’s watch D:Light in 2009 and men’s watch Crystallium in 2013.