F.P. Journe Introduces Exclusive Collection


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22 October 2013

 In 1983, F.P. Journe created his first watch and unveiled it to the world. He began a watchmaking tradition with a craftsmanship like no other. Now, celebrating the company’s 30 year anniversary, F.P. Journe is introducing a new line of watches, a reinterpretation of the watch F.P. Journe created thirty years ago.

This exclusive collection will feature the only 99 pieces that will ever be made for this 30th anniversary collection. The limited edition watch will be crafted of the same materials used in 1983, a guilloche silver case enhance by 2 rose gold bevels. The back will have a clear sapphire back to showcase the tourbillon movement of the construction of the watch, identical to how it looked in 1983. This amazing watch will only be available to 99 privileged clients, and will be a look worth having.

For more on the watch, visit fpjourne.com

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