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Van Cleef & Arpels' novelties Featured

Highlights from Watches & Wonders

by 14 October 2013

Van Cleef & Arpels pioneers the Poetry of Time™ by applying its jewellery savoir-faire to time measurement, where its eternal symbols tell the story of love and enduring values through precious gemstones and expert craftsmanship.


What happens when a precious moment is captured forever in a watch? Van Cleef & Arpels' new launches at Watches & Wonders inspire new emotions with the Lady Arpels Jour/Nuit Cerfs-Volants Poetic Complication and Pavot Mystérieux High Jewellery watch.

Lady Arpels Jour/Nuit Cerfs-Volants Poetic Complication watch depicts a tender scene of a young man and woman flying a kite into the air, against a mother-of-pearl background of kite-filled sky by day and a star-lit sky by night. Behind this lovely complication is an exclusively developed automatic movement with a 24-hour module that powers a rotating disk. By day, the dial displays an intricate miniature painting with colourful kites in flight. By night, starry DEF/VVS-grade diamonds sparkle in the darkness for a truly magical scene.

Equally enchanting is the high jewellery timepiece Pavot Mystérieux where one of Van Cleef & Arpels' most beloved blossoms, the poppy flower, takes centre stage. The corolla has been created with rubies using the Mystery Setting™ technique for a true-to-life floral depiction. 600 hours of craftsmanship are no less than extraordinary, as the heart of the flower opens up to reveal a mother-of-pearl dial upon pressing one of the petals. Not only a timepiece, the Pavot Mystérieux is also convertible jewellery, a specialty that distinguishes the maison's savoir-faire. The poppy flower can be removed and worn as a clip – a wonderful reminder of the maison's centennial jewellery-making expertise.