Wonders in Hong Kong Featured

Visitors were enthralled by Watches & Wonders, the first haute horlogerie event for the Asian market

by 08 October 2013

Asia's first ever haute horlogerie exhibition took place in Hong Kong from 25 to 28 September. The 3-day event invited watch editors and journalists from all over Asia, prestigious retailers, industry experts, as well as government officials and guests of honour from the City of Hong Kong.

The sophisticated exhibition showcased historic watches and new collections in beautiful glass cases which gave the event a discreet yet intimate feel. Visitors were delighted to admire each timepiece's beautiful details and understand its intricate mechanisms.

One of Watches & Wonders' attraction was without doubt the haute horlogerie craftsmanship area, where watchmakers, engravers, enamellers, gemsetters and many more craftsmen demonstrated their specialized skills in creating a watch infused with each maison's unique history and values.

'The Mastery of Time' was an exhibition that traced the origins of time-measurement through the centuries. From sundials to wristwatches, visitors embarked on an informative journey of how mankind's fascination with the passage of time began, evolved and developed into the haute horlogerie world that we have come to know today.

Representatives came from the Asia Pacific region, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Macau, mainland China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand – proof that, despite the economic downturn, Asia is still one of Swiss haute horlogerie's most important markets.