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A passion for watches

Watchonista is a watch network website that presents the best of haute horlogerie


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31 May 2013

The world of fine watchmaking includes giants whose production reaches a million watches a year, but also many brilliant watchmakers who are forging new paths. In addition, the sector includes watch enthusiasts and collectors, whose unbridled passion plays an important part in fuelling growth in the industry. Watchonista.com is a specialist site that brings this all together.

Watchonista, founded in 2009 in Switzerland, is right at the heart of the watchmaking industry. We asked Alexander Friedman, founder along with Marco Gabella, how he would define the website.

"Watchonista is created by passionate people and collectors. We want to group all the main players into a single platform: watch lovers, manufacturers, professionals, media, auction houses, and so forth. The platform provides information, exclusive content, news and insight, but also content aggregation. It provides an instant overview of the horological world."

Watchonista's partners include many of the largest and most famous brands. "However we also have a special place in our heart for independent watchmakers, whose creations are worthy of the general public's attention." We asked Alexander which industry trends he thinks are most interesting today.

"First, the new high-tech materials which are literally revolutionizing watchmaking. Secondly, with the new media available today, watchmakers and Manufactures who have something original to say can transmit their message worldwide, to a degree that never before has been possible." And Watchonista of course is a part of this.

For further information, visit: watchonista.com