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02 January 2013

We recommend this app, Le Quai de l'Horloge, for anyone interested in watches. Once downloaded to your iPad, it takes a couple of minutes to install and configure, and then it offers access to the Breguet online magazine, which presents a wealth of information, texts, photos, and videos. For example, the current issue, number 2, has chapters on the tourbillon (which Abraham-Louis Breguet patented in 1801), on the Revolutionary Calendar with 30-day months divided into three 10-day 'decadis' which of course affected all those working on the measurement of time, and much more. The texts are informative and have some quirky touches that in part reflect the fact that they were originally written in French.

The chapter on the Calibre 2320 movement, one of the finest chronograph movements in the world, is fascinating, and provides a good introduction to column wheel chronographs, with some helpful tips. "To judge a fine chronograph, examine not only its operation, but also the feel of the pushers."

Leonardo da Vinci also makes an appearance, with an article on the presentation of 'Salvator Mundi,' a long-lost painting by the Florentine master. This painting was sold at auction in 1958 for £45 – at that time, its attribution was uncertain. It is now valued at £120 million. The restoration and critical reassessment make a remarkable story. The connection with Breguet is that the company sponsored a series of broadcasts by CNN titled 'Leonardo ¬– the Lost Painting.' The maison, of course, feels at home with genius, considering the rich legacy left behind by Abraham-Louis Breguet.

Follow this link to download the app.

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