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A mechanical watch with three casino games


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31 August 2012

 The Baccara is a remarkable piece of watchmaking, and at the same time it is a refreshingly playful timepiece. As well as telling the time (hours and minutes), it has three casino games incorporated into the dial, powered by a mechanical self-winding movement.

The baccarat cards are on six windows on the dial, with the player's three cards at 6 o'clock, and the banker's at 12 o'clock. A pusher at 9 o'clock shuffles, another at 8 o'clock deals the player's cards, and one at 10 o'clock deals the bank's cards. For each deal to the player or the bank, a miniature gong sounds, with a striking mechanism that can be seen through a window at 2 o'clock.

Another game is dice, with two dice each measuring 1.5 mm on each side in a cage at 4 o'clock, displayed in a lateral window in the case band. They are rolled by a shake of the wrist.

On the other side of the case, the roulette wheel can be viewed, with an arrow that indicates the winning number.

All this is attained by means of 538 components within a 45 mm diameter case, available in three versions: white gold and black PVD titanium; red gold and black PVD titanium; and platinum and black PVD titanium. The dial includes a dragon or tiger motif, and another invisible detail. On the sapphire crystal, a special metallization process has been used to incorporate a Chinese ideogram, which appears only when you breathe on the watch. It disappears again after a few seconds. Christophe Claret was inspired by gamblers in a casino, who often had a superstitious gesture before playing. He thought it would be cool to incorporate a motif that could spawn a lucky gesture in this watch.

Only nine units of each version will be built. Price varies from CHF 194,000 to 228,000, according to the version.