Cartier - ID Two concept watch Featured

The innovative design provides an unprecedented 32 days power reserve

by 19 July 2012

Cartier has presented a radically-innovative watch, the ID Two. Its movement consumes half the energy of a conventional mechanical watch, and it stores 30% more power. This enables it to reach the remarkable figure of 32 days' power reserve provided by the double mainspring barrels. It achieves this by means of an internal vacuum in the case, which is sealed by means of nano-particle-saturated gaskets. The vacuum reduces friction. Another feature consists of the internal springs, which are made in glass microfibre rather than metal. Cartier say that fibreglass springs store more energy than metal. Escapements are not linear, but planetary, which improves the efficiency of power transference from mainspring to the movement itself.

The watch is very attractive, made in Ceramyst, transparent polycrystalline ceramic sealed simply by the vacuum pressure. This is one of the most mind-boggling aspects of this piece: how do you adjust the movement without disturbing the 99.5% vacuum? The movement is mesmerizing, with its metal components in DLC-coated titanium – very dark in colour – visible through the case from back or front.

Another material used in the watch is carbon crystal, which is a form of diamond-coated silicon. It is used for the balance wheel and some other parts, and eliminates the need for lubrication. This in turn minimizes the need for adjustment, and reduces wear.
You may think that the claim 'concept watch' is a bit ambitious, but in this case it is fully justified. It has that entirely new approach that could revolutionize watch-making. It embodies a powerful concept, like that of the Atmos. And the construction of the ID Two provides an indication of where watch-making is going: new materials, less and less metals.

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