The Harry Winston Ultimate Adornment Timepiece at Baselworld 2012 Featured

A convertible jewellery watch - wearable as brooch or pendant

by 09 March 2012

Harry Winston debuts its Ultimate Adornment Timepiece at Baselworld 2012 to stunning effects. The convertible high jewelry timepiece, with 62 carats of diamond and 14 feathers, can be worn as a brooch or pendant. The 18-carat white gold dial itself features an intricate peacock feather marquetry, a true feat of craftsmanship within such a small working surface. Harry Winston once again accomplishes the mission of dressing women with diamonds by making these rocks more wearable than ever.

Ultimate Adornment is an example of feather art, and it also highlights Cluster, the three-dimensional setting invented by Harry Winston. This famous setting technique enables a combination of brilliant, pear and marquise-cut diamonds in a burst of spontaneous asymmetry. In the Ultimate Adornment timepiece, precious stones are further embellished through being juxtaposed with the voluptuously fascinating and majestic elements produced by the feathers.

The timepiece is made using 191 diamonds, while the case has 16 marquise-cut, a single pear-cut and 42 brilliant-cut diamonds.
The watch itself has a dial with a gleaming iris, while the silky peacock feathers adds natural grace. The piece can be worn as a brooch or a pendant.

The piece has a quartz movement with hour and minute functions. The case is made in platinum and 18K white gold, with 130 brilliant-cut diamonds (36.15 carats), 19 marquise-cut diamonds (10.31 carats) and 1 pear-cut diamond (1.08 carats). The dial is in 10 K white gold, with peacock feather marquetry. The pendant  version has 11 duck and peacock features, with 34 diamonds. The brooch version is in polished 18K white gold, with duck and peacock feathers and 10 diamonds.

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