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The President of RADO Matthias Breschan tells us why it is among the top ten watches in the world

by 22 September 2011

RADO has a great appeal whether you are looking for mens sports watches, ladies designer watches or a more rugged, army swiss watch. It is young, innovative and, above all, accessible, with prices ranging from 1000 to 3000 Swiss Francs. Its design team is based in Switzerland, where it focuses on coming up with new ideas and maintains a very close relationship with the design community worldwide. A RADO watch stands out with its sleek case design, durable, futuristic materials and a strong unisex look.

Coming to Baselworld 2011, I did not really know what to expect from my interview with the President of RADO, but when I met Matthias Breschan, I understood why RADO is such a dynamic brand today. Charismatic, warm, with a twinkle in his enthusiastic light green eyes, Mr. Breschan told me what I needed to know about RADO after a strong hand shake.

RADO’s track record of using new materials includes unbreakable ceramic in 1986; diamond-like carbon (commonly known as DLC) in 1988, titanium carbide ceramic in the early 1990s and gold ceramic in 2006. This list just seemed to roll off Mr. Breschan’s tongue, as he is actively involved in RADO’s product design.

To really understand what these materials are about, I had to try all the watches. I started with RADO’s bestselling collection, True Thinline. Just 5 millimetres thick, it is one the world's thinnest watches made of ceramic. Mr. Breschan explained that ceramic is hard, but fragile. The challenge of creating this collection was to make sure that the case was thin enough, but also elastic enough so it would not break. Another bestselling collection is the RADO D-Star, a robust, hard metal timepiece which appeals to customers who like big watches in the United Arab Emirates.

How does RADO know what people want? Mr. Breschan travels around the world to understand the global market. A strong believer in innovation, Mr. Breschan said, “Every day I tell myself never to fall in love with my strategy and never stop to innovate. You should always challenge and push yourself.” It is hard to believe that Mr. Breschan has been with RADO for less than a year, because he knows his business so well.

Greater China, India and the Middle East are RADO’s biggest markets today. These are also fast-growing countries. Exciting developments are what we can expect from RADO for the next few years. He named Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Dubai, Paris, Rome, Milan, London, New York, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles among his favourite cities “where it all happens.” As I looked at the RADO on my wrist - lightweight, minimalistic yet sophisticated, it gave me a new insight into the world of Swiss watches where timelessness and innovation will for ever go hand in hand.

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