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Many watch manufacturers are designing their own in-house movements
by 12 September 2011

A good in-house movement must have its uniqueness. It has to showcase originality not only in its craftsmanship but also with an innovative mechanism. It is literally the beating heart of the watch, expressing the very soul of an outstanding timepiece.

IWC has the perpetual calendar movement, Calibre 51011, which works with a monopusher and displays the month, date, week, and even leap years and moon phase. It also displays the year with four digits. The secret of the movment is that it uses two turning disks to display the four digits. The best thing of all is that you will not need to adjust it until 2299. Its patented Pellaton automatic winding system provides an impressive power reserve of seven days. IWC researched, developed, designed and manufactured this movement entirely in-house, demonstrating its know-how as a prestigious watchmaking brand.

Daring to break away from the traditional canons of watchmaking is another sign of a pioneer movement maker. Most modern watches place the escapement on the lower right hand side of the movement, and the power reserve mechanism on the upper left hand side. To design a new way of putting these components together means investing in a lot of manpower, time and money for the manufacturer. An example is Breguet’s Tradition 7047 Fusée Tourbillon timepiece, which puts the extra-large tourbillon on the upper right hand side of the movement, the fusée winding system on the lower right – the exact opposite of more common wristwatch movements today.

Collectors love innovative in-house movements for their sophistication and limited series production. Innovative movements demonstrate the advanced research and development of a watch manufacturer and guarantee longlasting value due to the fact that these movements cannot be mass produced.

Aesthetics are another important consideration for watch brands that strive for a sophisticated and beautiful movement. H. Moser is offering its Limited Golden Edition perpetual calendar timepiece with a movement made of 18-carat gold. The brand introduced advanced technology to increase the hardness of the gold, using it in movement components such as the base plate and bridges. These parts are hand-finished and polished like jewellery. With such a highly decorated movement incorporating wonderful mechanisms, this is definitely a collectible piece for connoisseurs.

In-house movements with beautiful aesthetics and an innovative mechanism stand out for their superb qualities. Now you know why timepieces with in-house movements are more expensive. The secret lies in their originality.

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