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Quality mechanical watches are made even more exclusive with the Atelier Cabinotiers service
by 24 August 2011

Vacheron Constantin is not just a 256-year-old Swiss brand, it is in fact the world’s oldest watch manufacturer, in active production since 1755. If you are looking for the ‘crème de la crème’ in high watchmaking today, then you will be delighted to know that the Atelier Cabinotiers caters for three different types of special requests. Every Vacheron Constantin boutique offers customization, made-to-measure and 100% customer-made services. The Director of Atelier Cabinotiers Dominique Bernaz explains how they work.

You can purchase a timepiece and have it customized. For example, you can order a Patrimony Contemporaine watch with a blue lacquered dial and have your family’s coat of arms engraved on it. You can also have the timepiece modified if you are left-handed. Ask for a quote at the boutique for the options you desire. You will receive a presentation of the customization plan within a month and delivery will be within six months. The only thing to keep in mind is a watch that you already own cannot be brought in store to be modified.

The Atelier Cabinotiers also offers made-to-measure services, creating a watch with existing movements and components. Everything – from the case and dial, to the hands and lugs – contributes to the final aesthetics. But be patient, because it will take two months to receive the made-to-measure plan and quotation. Vacheron Constantin Artistic Director Christian Selmoni stated, “A watch works non-stop 24 hours a day. People expect their watches to be constantly precise and reliable. While design is important, the technical aspects of a timepiece are even more important.” So a year’s wait is well worth it for your own unique watch.

A 100% custom-made watch is the pinnacle of the Atelier Cabinotiers’ creation. You can specify everything from the movement to the aesthetic details of the watch. The Atelier Cabinotiers is fully committed to listening to your needs. There is no time limit to such an ambitious project, but you can count on having updates from Vacheron Constantin at least once a month from the day their research begins. As the purchaser, you can log on to a dedicated website, directly accessing photos and videos of your watch in the making.

This year, the Atelier‘s team of guillocheurs, enamellers, engravers, gemsetters, engineers, mechanics and master watchmakers produced the ‘Philosophia,’ a conceptual timekeeper, and ‘Vladimir,’ the ultimate complicated watch. From the prestigious Hallmark of Geneva and ‘Les Cabinotiers’ engraving, to the Atelier Cabinotiers Coat of Arms on the watches and the made-to-order box that they come in, this is fine watchmaking at its best, in line with Vacheron Constantin’s three centuries of heritage.

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