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Eighty years of Reverso by Jaeger LeCoultre Featured

28 June 2011 marked this important anniversary
by 30 June 2011

Reverso celebrates its 80th anniversary, and for the occasion, Jaeger-LeCoultre hosted a prestigious event at Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris under the theme: Capturing your magic moment.

Jérôme Lambert, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre welcomed 800 guests, amongst whom were actress Catherine Deneuve, Diane Kruger accompanied by Joshua Jackson, actor Clive Owen, Adrien Brody, Isabelle Huppert, Barbara Bui, Vahina Giocante, Richard Anconina, Eduardo Novillo Astrada and Astrid Munoz, Saif Ali Khan, Mohammed Al Habtoor, Sergi Arola, George Chakra,  Kareena Kapoor, Ricardo Scamarcio and Valeria Golino, Giovanni Soldini, Carice Van Houten, Dennenesch Zoude, John Eales, Raphael Ibanez,  and many other distinguished guests and friends of Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Some of the personalities told their own Reverso story.  Catherine Deneuve described her affection for her Reverso in particular during her presidency of the Jury of the Venice International Film Festival.  Diane Kruger presented the new Grande Reverso Lady Ultra Thin engraved with her initials.

Clive Owen said, “Watchmaking has long been a passion. The mechanisms and the history behind it are fascinating. It's hard to believe that the Reverso is already 80 years old. In its time, it was a real innovation and it remains an iconic watch.”  

Clare Milford Haven, polo player and journalist who has chosen the Reverso Squadra Lady combining her sports activity and elegance for party at evening, said, “I have had a close relationship with the Reverso since becoming an Ambassador for Jaeger-LeCoultre six years ago. For me, the Reverso is the perfect watch – classic yet innovative, sporty yet feminine, – a timeless piece with connections to polo that go way back. I cannot imagine ever wearing another watch that contains all the features that are such a part of my everyday life.”   

Eduardo Novillo Astrada, polo player, said “The Reverso is the watch that means Polo. For me there is no other watch that is more related to polo. I am very lucky to wear my Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Squadra : it helps me not to be late! I share a few values with Jaeger-LeCoultre : teamwork, passion, elegance and, for me the most important, a family atmosphere.”

Giovanni Soldini owns a Grande Reverso Ultra-Thin, engraved with the map of the 1999 ‘Around Alone’ race. A diamond indicates the location of a daring high seas rescue that took place on February 16th in the South Pacific. During the round-the-world solo race the Italian skipper rescued French competitor Isabelle Autissier from her overturned yacht. After the accident, Giovanni Soldini took the leading position and finished first in the race.

Last but not least, Janek Deleskiewicz, artisitic director and designer of the Reverso for more than 15 years, demonstrated its favourite model. "The Reverso is perhaps the most inspiring watch of all for a designer. Its rectangular shape invites a designer to create one, two or even three miniature theaters. The Reverso is unique, but it’s also diverse, and precisely this multiplicity is what makes it so pleasurable.”

The Reverso story began on 4th March 1931, in Paris, when the Patent number 712,868 for a watch capable of sliding on its base and flipping over on itself was officially filed. It was designed for Polo players, with a dial that could be protected from shocks. The pattern had the additional benefit of offering the case-back for personalization. The Reverso watch soon became an Art Deco classic. Today, the story continues, with the on-line personalization service. Jaeger-LeCoultre is launching an online personalisation programme unparalleled in the world of luxury watchmaking, bringing you a world of infinite options of designs with which to create your very own unique Reverso. The reverse of your Reverso is the ideal setting for the portrayal of your most treasured emotions, whether miniature portraits, gem-set engravings or symbolic images. The decorative scheme can include engraving, precious stones or the magic of “grand feu” enamelling. The only limits are those of your imagination.

Special edition: Tribute to the 1931 U.S. Edition
In 2011, celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Reverso watch, Jaeger-LeCoultre created two "Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to 1931" in steel and pink gold, featuring a black or white dial with dagger-shaped hands and baton-type hour-markers directly inspired by the original Reverso. The watches hold true to the spirit of 1931 in contemporary dimensions.

Today the brand is introducing a new addition to the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to 1931, exclusively sold at the Beverly Hills Boutique and select U.S. retailers. Donning the same black dial as its predecessor this year, this edition has straight hands with a pointed tip and baton-type hour-markers. To recreate the colour tone the hands and markers of the historical 1931 would turn with age, Jaeger-LeCoultre used a tan luminescent material to bring out the vintage appeal. The Reverso logo on the dial is a faithful replica of the original 1931. Often it is the most subtle of changes that greatly influences aesthetics of a timepiece. In 2011, a hundred of the pieces will be produced and they will not be numbered.

Eduardo Fagliano Straps
In the 80 years since the creation of the Reverso, the brand has held close historic connection to the polo world. The straps for the Tribute to 1931 U.S. edition are made by arguably the best polo boot maker in the world, Eduardo Fagliano. Each strap is hand made of cordovan leather at the Fagliano manufacture in Argentina. They are the perfect example Fagliano’s unparalleled talent.