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The luxury gold jewelry brand champions contemporary art and sculpture
by 05 June 2011

“When you are in a business that deals with beauty, you are very sensitive to beauty. We love to surround ourselves with beauty, which of course comes in all different shapes,” says Franklin Adler. The one-off, otherworldly pieces created by the house are each a work of art; pushing the boundaries of possibility and brimming with marvel, mystery and wonder.

Forty years ago Franklin Adler and his wife Leyla began collecting card cases, “for the fun of it,” and kick- started a lifelong obsession with discovering exquisite objets d’art from around the world. Their thirst for discovery, risk-taking and adventure is evident in Adler’s jewellery. Pioneers in the use of experimental materials, ranging from carbon to titanium and silk, their groundbreaking use of bold colour combinations can be seen in breathtaking show pieces highly designed around the most dazzling stones. Their love of art, beauty and travel threads through all they touch. The Adlers’ Geneva home is adorned with a sumptuous selection of embroidery, galley lamps, carpets, paintings, wedding cake tables, coloured glass and fountains, while the jewel-like Adler boutiques are decorated with everything from Chinese teapots to Venetian masks and Turkish kaftans.

Adler’s latest collaborator is Marie Guerlain, scion of the legendary beauty house, chairman of children’s charity Innocence in Danger and an exceptionally talented painter. She shares with Franklin Adler a passion for “making women feel beautiful,” a mission formed and enflamed by her inimitable ancestry and a life dedicated to art. Adler’s blending of the sensuality and creativity of the East with the geometry and lines of the West was the starting point for Guerlain’s specially-commissioned sequence of paintings. This eagerly anticipated exhibition will be displayed at Adler’s Gstaad Gallery and London boutique this winter. Guerlain explains, “Stones make a woman feel beautiful and my background is about how creativity and scent make a woman feel beautiful, so for me this collaboration is a true marriage of the two.”

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