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The Spirit of Portofino Featured

IWC's Swiss mechanical watches recall the romance of the Italian resort town
by 17 January 2011

The Portofino is back in the spotlight as the must-have, classic, elegant mechanical watch this year. And this collection offers ideal timepieces to the globetrotting Luxos web user and reader, with the eight-day hand wound, the dual time and much more. User-friendly, the Portofino is also a great entry level watch for those who are just starting to get into luxury watches.

Kurt Klaus, an IWC veteran from Research & Development, said that the history of an attractive, mechanical watch actually started in the mid-1970s when the pocket watch quite suddenly went out of popularity. IWC watch designers and engineers wondered how to create a beautiful yet technically interesting watch. Thus the Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar was born in the 1980s. A great success, it set a precedence to smart-looking complications watches.

Today the Portofino continues what IWC had achieved: it's sleek, it's beautiful, and it's a serious mechanical timepiece that is not too intimidating for the new watch fan.

As Stefan Ihnen, Associate Director Research & Development, explained, the Portofino is also the fruit of labour between the history and future of IWC. Kurt is passing the torch to the younger development team by mentoring them and serving as a living IWC "encylopedia," thanks to his illustrious 27 years at the maison.

The very spirit of the new collection is to recall the glamour, joy and leisure on the shores of Portofino in Italy. In fact the watch was first created for the Italian customers who liked classic design and aesthetics.

Today you can fall in love with the Portofino. And if you don't happen to be vacation, every time you refer to the home and destination times on the dual time watch, or every time you wind up the eight-day power reserve on the hand wound timepiece, you are reviving a great tradition at IWC, with the Portofino this year as the star of "La Dolce Vita."

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