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Luxos vists an impressive showroom on the basement floor of Şark Saatçilik's beautiful villa in Etiler, presenting the watch safes made by Buben & Zörweg
by 07 October 2010

When passionate lovers of timepieces wish to preserve their watches and precious objects, they rely on watch safes by one brand alone: Buben & Zörweg. Along with their bars, humidors, wine cabinets, hi-fi stereo systems and jewellery cassettes, Buben & Zörweg’s beautifully crafted watch storage boxes are an eye-catching addition to your home and a safe haven for your collection. This unique brand has partnered with Turkey’s Åžark Saatçilik, distributor of many luxury watch brands, to create an opulent showroom featuring a series of high-security watch safes. Harald Buben talks about the luxurious brand he founded with his childhood friend, Christian Zörweg.

What prompted you to start producing luxurious watch safes?
Certainly, we at Buben & Zörweg share the drive to break new ground, and we love to create objects that nobody has seen before. When speaking to our customers and listening to their needs and thoughts, we saw a huge potential in the luxury safe sector. Security is becoming more and more important for the consumer and it is perfectly fitting to create unique and multifunctional objects for the artistic enhancement of any living ambience.

Do you work with a team of designers at Buben & Zörweg? What is your primary design principle?
Christian Zörweg is responsible for the design, and he works with a team of designers. We want to create masterpieces that are unique in their function and design. At Buben & Zörweg we want to link the contemporary with the classic, and our objects should be an eye-catcher in any environment.

What kind of materials do you use in manufacturing your safes?
First of all, we use a special material for security reasons. The patented composite material Relastan® has an unbeatable security-to-weight ratio, so that we can make high-security safes suitable for the load-bearing capacity of conventional ceiling designs. For your home, we can completely customize the safes, using selected woods such as macassar or walnut burl wood, high quality carbon fibre, fine leather, etc, whatever the customer desires.

Could you describe some of the precautions or alarm systems used in Buben & Zörweg safes to ensure security?
Our safes comply with the highest security standards. The "soul" of the X-007, for example, is the innovative high-tech security created by KABA, Buben & Zörweg’s partner, who also work with many Swiss banks. The security features of the Paxos® compact high-security locking system are as convenient as they are unbeatable. This locking system is the benchmark on the market and a guarantee for the best possible security. This lock is used around the globe and protects billions across Europe – from gold safes in national banks to strongboxes in mints. It lasts for up to 15 million operating hours. More features include a maintenance-free mechanism, integrated drilling protection and trouble-free integration into existing alarm systems.

Would you like to tell us how Buben & Zörweg arrived in Istanbul?
We would like to have a very limited number of points of sale. As a matter of fact we select our partners carefully. We found the right partner for Turkey seven years ago when we began our cooperation with SARK Saatcilik Ltd during the Baselworld fair. Sark is a highly professional and knowledgeable partner, and they have a complete understanding of Buben & Zörweg and so are perfectly placed to represent us in Turkey. Along with SARK, we decided that it would be a great idea to establish a showroom in Istanbul, where architects and end customers can see the new products, as Istanbul is the center of trade for Turkey.

You have boutiques in Vienna, Dubai, Shanghai, Kiev and Beijing. What are the most interesting markets for you?
Asia, Russia and the Middle East; however, Germany, Switzerland and England are also important markets.

Are you planning to open new stores in 2011?
We plan to open several boutiques and showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Krasnodar, Yerevan, Astana, Tehran, Dalian, and other locations in Asia.

What is the meaning of luxury in your personal dictionary?
The list of luxuries keeps changing, but I think that luxury in general plays a crucial role in human society. The psychology of humans has changed little over the last 5,000 years in terms of impressing each other with exceptionally beautiful things such as jewellery, clothes and housing – in short, luxury items. Keeping that in mind, we try to help bring joy to people.

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