Luxury watches brand Grieb & Benzinger introduce the Benzinger Boutique collection Featured

Incredible rarity guaranteed by the fact that only about 100 watches are produced per year
by 27 May 2010

Jochen Benzinger, Hermann Grieb, and Georg Bartkowiak recently surprised the watch world with the unique Grieb & Benzinger Platinum luxury watches based on historical movements. In just a short time, these have become an insider tip for collectors. A maximum of 5 to 10 of these watches can be made in one year.
In order to meet the demand for these one-of-a-kind handmade pieces, Benzinger’s workshop now also offers unique pieces, one-of-a-kind watches, and specially skeletonized timepieces in steel, white gold, or rose gold as desired, based on contemporary movements under the label Benzinger.

The new Benzinger Boutique collection focuses on features such as the characteristic hand-skeletonized movements, genuine hand-guilloché dials, technical modifications such as the striking position of the hour and minute displays above the dial, and “lifestyle watches.” The delicate balance between traditional technology and exceptional design is achieved particularly well.
Because of their own inimitable style, Benzinger unique pieces are instantly recognizable. The “made in Germany” of these watches is a guarantee that Benzinger unique pieces are incredibly rare, ensuring the owner a corresponding degree of exclusivity. Only about 100 watches leave the workshop every year. In order to discuss requests for made-to-order timepieces, private clients and retailers from all over the world personally visit the workshop in Pforzheim.

And it is not only the world’s economic situation that has watch collectors thinking differently: substance and handcrafting count more than ever these days. The Benzinger workshop is reaping the rewards; the demand for unique pieces and those made according to a client’s own wishes is consistently rising.
Jochen Benzinger is the leading specialist worldwide for skeletonized and guilloché timepieces. Watch movements are skeletonized, guilloché, hand-engraved, and even sometimes technically modified by hand in his workshop in a traditional manner using special historical machines and tools. This allows him to create his own characteristic style of horological art. For many years, Benzinger and business partner Georg Bartkowiak have manufactured chiefly in the name of big brands such as IWC, Fabergé, Chronoswiss and Tourneau. Benzinger unique pieces are available in steel or gold cases.

The Benzinger Boutique collection comprises the “White Dragon" watch, with white mother-of-pearl dial, hand-created and applied dragon, white leather strap, diamond bezel, 18K White gold case, 42 mm, movement set with pavé diamonds, € 32,500. “Coffee Blossom“ has a completely skeletonized movement, with hand-engraving and engine-turning. It has an 18K white gold case with leather strap. Diameter 42 mm, diamond bezel, € 25,500.

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