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Mischievous love, entwining love, timeless love
by 22 March 2010

Much more than a piece of jewellery and far more than a watch, Possession is an outright declaration of love. Graced with a message engraved on a slender gold ring that just about says it all, the Possession pendant sees love in all its colourful splendour. On the front, a sparkling diamond adorns the name of the collection, while the back stars an emerald, blue sapphire or pink sapphire matching the colour of the leather cord as if to add a further touch of cheerful elegance to the gold-engraved letters. The ring slides gently through the fingers on its interchangeable cord, adding infinite variety to the words coming straight from the heart, whether silently expressed or spoken out loud.

A master of the art of proving indispensable and of making each passing moment simply irresistible, the Possession watch constantly reinvents love through the captivating game played by its rotating bezel. Even the Arabic numerals gracefully whirl and twirl as if to reflect unending love. But who is leading the dance? Doubtless this inverted-set brilliant-cut diamond with a raised profile ensuring an easier grip. This addictive waltz can also be lit up by a row of diamonds, or adorned with the dazzling splendour of a full-set dial.

Regarding the Possession collection, this is what Dimitri Gouten, President Asia Pacific, said about it during our interview at SIHH 2010:
"This year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Possession collection. It’s a best-selling collection at Piaget. To celebrate its anniversary, we are launching a brand new design where a concentric circle of chain or diamonds – depending on the reference – turns inside the ring itself. Possession is very important for Piaget because it’s a high-status symbol. The launch will take place in April 2010.
"For ladies who are new to Piaget, I’d highly recommend the Possession watch. It’s very beautiful and easy to wear with a changeable strap. When you wear a Piaget, you will feel that you are wearing a status symbol and a work of art that’s a result of many hours of craftsmanship – the materials, the movement, the story behind each collection."

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