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Project Z6, rugged appearance and fine mechanics
by 29 January 2010

Harry Winston's Z6 project was launched as a limited edition in 2004. It represents an example of high technology and expertise in the luxury watchmaking sector. The case design combines sophisticated lines with a sporty style, and this is accompanied by superb mechanical performance to make it a remarkable sports model. The series is now famous with watch connoisseurs the world over because it contains Zalium, an exceptional new material.

Zalium is a zirconium alloy whose principal applications are in the aerospace industry. It has a high corrosion resistance, and therefore it is ideal for strong and robust watches. This ultralight material is an addition to the list of alloy metals, and one that is exclusive to Harry Winston products. How are alloys made and designed? In this case, it was created for its lightness and hardness. Zalium is difficult to work with, and it must be machined from a bar or a block.

The Z6 project is based on a manually-wound movement with a 24-hour alarm function, developed specially for this range. The movement consists of 340 parts, with 45 rubies, and it is engraved with the name Harry Winston and finished with CoÌ‚tes de Genève work. Bridges are also decorated using the same motif, and are hand bevelled and polished.

The alarm function is controlled using the crown. It is activated by a lever at the four o'clock position, and it is admirable both visually and audibly when it operates. The crystalline sound of the alarm is accompanied by the view of the hammer visible through a window on the dial at the eight o'clock position. When the movement is fully wound, the alarm goes on for 20 seconds. In any case, the douuble power reserve mechanism provides 72 hours' operation, so that use of the alarm function has no effect on the precision of the watch.

The dial has an assymmetric design with two overlapping discs, one for the time and one for the alarm. Each disc has separate indications for day and night. The hours and minutes of the watch and alarm clock can be adjusted by rotating the crown cloockwise or anticlockwise. The dial itself is particularly complex, with 18 layers, and five different finishes, so that the model ordered is even more exclusive: Côtes de Genève, vertically brushed silver, brushed slate grey, blue and satin steel. The strap is in rubber, for a masculine and sporty look.

As in all Project Z watches, the "Shuriken" ninja star appears on the dial, indicating the seconds. The Project Z6 model was made in a limited edition of 300 units, of which 250 are in the version with anthracite grey dial, available from authorized dealers. The 50 units with silver-finish dial are obtainable exclusively from Harry Winston own-brand stores. The Project Z6 is waterproof to 100 metres.

Readers may wonder, what about old watches value in the case of Harry Winston? The quality of the mens luxury watches made by this marque ensures that collectors need not worry on this account. But who would want to separate from such a remarkable timepiece jewel?

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