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A truly exclusive watch? You have to use an ejector seat to get it
by 24 December 2009

As reported by Robert Jan over at Fratellowatches, fledgling British watch company Bremont recently unveiled their two-part collaboration with ejection seat manufacturer Martin-Baker. An odd partner of choice is probably a common reaction. However, the founding brothers of the company (Nick and Giles English, don’t you just love it? It’s almost Dickensian) are the sons of a now-deceased RAF pilot who brought his two sons up in typical aviation fashion. After he passed away in a plane crash in 1995, Nick and Giles took over the historic airplane restoration company owned by their father, as well as preserving the family legacy by continuing to fly themselves.

Now, the founders are looking to further establish Bremont as a top British brand by making a classic, uncluttered pilot’s watch. So what? Retro-looking fliegers are a dime a dozen, especially among companies on the smaller scale like Bremont. The ace up their sleeve, however, is the cooperative efforts with Martin Baker. Instead of merely borrowing the name, Martin-Baker conducts rigorous testing to ensure maximal ruggedness – the watch has to withstand being catapulted out of a cockpit as well the deployment of a parachute, amongst other things.

The first model, MB1, is slated for a November release with the price tag of £2,900. Attainable? Sure. Here’s the tricky part: only people who have actually ejected out of a Martin-Baker seat will be able to buy it, with your ejection number engraved on the case back. We here adore wacky antics like these, since it’s basically stuff like this that luxury and exclusivity should be about. You might be able to buy style with money, but only daredevils would go as far as deliberately ejecting themselves out of a moving aircraft in order to acquire a certain watch.

Sadly, Bremont cops out halfway through and is releasing the MB2 as well. The release date and price are unknown at this point, but the watch will be available to the less adventurous public.

The video that Bremont have produced for this project (see next page) is of the most entertaining ever made by a watch makers, that does not involve lots of computer graphics or techno music – see link below to the video at Bremont. This is a compilation video of scenes that Martin Baker and Bremont took during the testing of the MB-1 (and MB-2) watches. The funny thing, is that if you didn’t know what was being tested, you’d likely not have any idea. There are crash test dummies, and ejection seats, and other instances. Look closely and you’ll see the watch being worn by whoever or whatever is in the video.
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