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A fascinating new timepiece for women
by 22 December 2009

"Ever since I was quite young, jewels have fascinated me. I think I must have been born with some knowledge of them." Harry Winston was obsessed with the brilliance and beauty of diamonds from an early age. Innately aware of what distinguishes good diamonds from great diamonds, his love of these glittering stones revolutionized the jewellery industry, and it continues to inspire the company today. Winston's relationship with gems was so powerful that the "King of Diamonds" often kept these priceless treasures in his pocket, rolling diamonds between his fingers for good luck, inspiration and pure happiness.

Inspired by this legendary passion, the House of Harry Winston has introduced a fascinating new timepiece for women, named "Talk To Me, Harry Winston. This sparkling statement of modern sophistication captures the brilliant beauty and optimistic energy of diamonds. The sculptural, oval-shaped case is slightly contoured to fit a woman's wrist with optimum comfort, and it has an unusual rotating disc engraved with the words "Talk To Me, Harry Winston." Faithful to the founder's treasured stones, this disc is detailed with delicate diamonds. The glamorous feminine feel is enhanced by an exquisite mother-of-pearl dial and a refined satin strap.

The title image of this article shows the "5th Dial" model of "Talk To Me, Harry Winston," with a case in white gold set with 164 diamonds (2.5 carats), dial in white mother-of-pearl set with 1 diamond, crystal in sapphire, strap in white satin, and a buckle in white gold set with 29 diamonds (0.2 carats). The watch is water-resistant to 30 metres, and has a quartz movement. The second photo shows the "Snowflake Dial" model, in which the case is set with 290 diamonds (3.3 carats), with a dial in black mother of peal set with 111 diamonds, and a rotating ring set with 24 diamonds. The strap is in black satin, and the total number of brilliant cut diamonds is 454, 4.1 carats.

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