Glashutte Original, the cradle of German watchmaking Featured

Unique handmade timepieces since 1845.
by 06 October 2009

Normally when you think of fine mechanical watches, Switzerland is the first country that comes to mind. However, in a tiny town about 40 minutes outside Dresden, Germany, sits the cradle of German watchmaking – Glashutte. It is here that the celebrated German precision takes on a whole new meaning. Instead of excellent automotive engineering, or top-drawer information systems, Glashutte is home to Glashutte Original – the foundation of German watchmaking.

The brand’s history dates back to 1845 – and today, as then, Glashutte Original manufactures its timepieces by hand. In an increasingly mechanized society; in an automated world, the concept of something handmade can easily be lost or its meaning blurred. Not here. In fact, Glashutte Original is one of the very few companies – in Germany or Switzerland – able to create its own watchmaking tools and manufacture individual components in-house. Think about it – some watch movements contain more than 300 moving parts which to the naked eye may resemble breadcrumbs. Each of these is finely honed, crafted and hand-finished then, after extensive quality control, built into a movement that tracks time. In some cases, these microscopic components are even hand-engraved – making each one unique.

These components pass through many skilled hands before they arrive at the watchmaker who assembles them patiently, step by step, hour after hour until a timepiece is masterfully crafted. Then the testing begins: rate precision, water resistance; shock resistance and other properties. The movement is placed into an innovative case – whether a Senator model, a Panorama date model or even high complication pieces like a tourbillon.

Making, testing and designing fine timepieces by hand means that production must be limited. These rare and wonderful delights set the company – and the wearer apart.

Glashutte Original is not a typical watch. It is an expression of passion for engineering; a symbol of love for innovative design and an extraordinary illustration of personal expression.

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