New trends in quartz-movement watches for women Featured

Reconciling contemporary tastes with functional efficiency.
by 29 June 2009

In the 70’s, watch makers succeeded in improving the technology, precision and value of the quartz watch so in a short time, it has taken over the market of any other mechanical watches in history (including women’s). For 30 long years, emphasis for women’s watches has been on the design of the watch dial and the diamond-setting technique. Meanwhile, the very soul of a watch – the movement – has not made much progress.

Nowadays, watch manufacturers have taken a new approach to women’s watches, ready to respond to female customers’ new expectations. In the past, women have always stayed away from complicated movement watches. But with increased purchasing power, their taste is changing.

To cater to these curious watch lovers, some of the biggest watch makers are going back to more traditional designs, albeit with a dash of creativity. This means that women’s diamond watches not only have to look good, but must also have excellent functions.

This is perhaps easier said than done. Imagine the difficulty of maintaining feminine elegance without compromising function. Traditionally, a more sophisticated movement means a thicker watch. So, to break this rule is to create a brand new movement exclusively for women’s jewellery watch. The innovative solution launches women’s watches into an exciting new direction.

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