De Grisogono lights up the night


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23 July 2012

The new Tondo By Night collection is a new dimension in the world of watches, combining technical precision with blatant theatricality and colour. The watches feature the maison's consolidated gemsetting skill with an in-house self-winding movement, in which the oscillating weight is visible from the front. But above all, the entire unit sparkles by day and glows by night, by virtue of the photo-luminescent composite fibreglass from which it is made, containing mother-of-pearl particles. The bezel in black PCD-coated metal is set with a ring of gemstones, while another 60 gems are set on the oscillating weight in an interesting asymmetric design, highlighted as it swings radially. Case, crown and bezel are in coloured photoluminescent fibreglass (PLF). The range comprises white (diamonds), orange (orange sapphires), pink (pink sapphires), green (tsavorites), and purple (amethysts). When the lights go out, the watch comes to new life, with new forms sculpted by the inner luminescence. You'll find it constantly fascinating, and you'll be the star of the beach or the dance floor.

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