Sarkozy - was it the watch that did it?


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23 April 2012

So, Sarkozy has been beaten in the first round. Certainly, he wasn't helped by the watch incident of 16 April. While shaking hands with some of the thousands of people who had gathered in Paris to see him, he slipped off his white gold Patek Philippe watch that had been given to him by his wife Carla Bruni in 2008, and put it in his pocket. Not exactly an expression of trust in his supporters!

This brought to mind another watch-related slip-up, in this case concerning the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. He was apparently wearing a Breguet watch during a meeting (which actually took place a while back, in 2009) with Russian Justice Minister Alexander Kolarov. For some reason, the Orthodox Church authorities decided that this was not good for the Patriarch's image, and so decided to photoshop the image, republishing it on the Church's website. They forgot to retouch the polished wood table, in which the reflection of the watch remains...

The dangers of Photoshop...

The question remains: which watch does François Hollande wear?

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