Craziest watch trend - unreadable dials


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13 April 2012

This watch is by a Hong Kong brand called "Clot," and for this product they worked in cooperation with "Jam Home Made." Their design concept is that in our fast-paced society, for many people the concept of time has faded away because they have just so much on. So Clot and Jam Home Made have redesigned the diving watch by removing numbers, hand, calendar and movement. Amazing water-resistance as well! It is made in silver, black and gold finishes.

At the other end of the value scale is the remarkable JwlryMachine (below) by Boucheron with watchmaker MB&F, based on the owl and made in gold, titanium, and amethyst, diamonds and blue and diamond sapphires. The time here is displayed albeit not all that clearly, in the eyes. The owl is given an impression of life by a gold rotor that swings under the amethyst below the eyes. Price is around $248,000, available (there are not many pieces) from Boucheron boutiques.

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