Limelight Dancing Watch by Piaget


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26 March 2012

The Limelight Dancing Light watch is an innovative technical display of watchmaking skill, comparable to the Harry Winston Opus series. Movements of the wrist are translated into rapid movements of elements on the dial.

In the model on the left (G0A36159), the decorative butterflies spin around the dial, triggered by the movements of the wrist. The butterflies fly over a dial with floral imagery in mother of pearl. In the model shown at the right (G0PA36157) in pink gold with diamonds, the small circle revolves around the hour dial, forming a figure 8 with the central circle, within which the hour and minute hands turn. The circular case has no crown button, and so its deceptively simple design is heightened, leaving the 52 diamonds around the bezel to become a highlight of the piece.